Just Heart is an Atlanta based non-profit dedicated to helping families with hospitalized children. 



Help Us Help Others

Have you ever watched a family member or close friend go through a medical crisis with their child? Have you ever seen a financially responsible family barely making it because of the medical needs of their child?  It is heartbreaking. Help hardworking, responsible families get back on their feet.   Open your heart and be the miracle in someone's life. It’s a beautiful thing!



What We Do

Just Heart Foundation is dedicated to helping families in crisis, particularly those with a hospitalized child.

While government programs exist designed to assist certain demographics, not every family qualifies.

Frequently medical bills are covered, but there are no subsidies for living expenses. Just Heart can help with a mortgage payment, utility bills, a car payment or in some other appropriate way. Through such actions, a deserving family can be rescued from the brink of financial disaster.

When a family receives assistance from Just Heart Foundation, they join our family by making a pledge. 


Our Pledge

The pledge shares the beauty of giving with the families we assist. 

When they are able, recipient families are encouraged to make a pay-it-forward pledge to raise funds for Just Heart Foundation.

These funds will serve another family in the future, ensuring that the giving process will continue indefinitely.


How We Work

Just Heart Foundation partners with children's hospitals. Families that cannot qualify for government assistance may apply for a Just Heart Foundation grant through the hospital.

If you or someone you know are interested in applying for a grant, please contact your hospital social worker or case manager. In the coming months, applicants will be able to quickly see if they qualify for a grant on this site. If they qualify, an application will be sent to them via email. This will be beneficial for families that do not have a social worker or are no longer dealing with their social worker.

If your current hospital is not yet affiliated with Just Heart Foundation, have them contact us for further information. 

The Just Heart Vision

Our mission is to provide assistance to families in crisis,--particularly those with a hospitalized child-- by paying their mortgage or rent, utilities, or in some other appropriate way.

Our families are encouraged (not required) to pledge to raise funds, when they are able, to help other families. It is our hope that this creates a chain of giving, making a difference in the lives of others indefinitely.

Donations from compassionate people like you, partnered with pledges from our recipient families, makes this possible.