The Macy and Julian Allard Family Fund specifically provides grants to families that have newborns with medical complications.  Many times, these issues are undetected before birth. These cases usually put an extraordinary amount of emotional and financial strain on a family. Because of the unexpected nature of these medical issues, parents are often limited or unable to work during this time. This fund ensures these families remain on their feet financially so they can focus on the health of the child.  This fund truly embraces the spirit of the JFH mission. 

Read stories of some of these families below: 

Allard Family Fund (posts)

Laura and John contacted Just Heart in August regarding the crisis surrounding their newborn son, Joshua.  Joshua was born four weeks early in June of 2013.  At birth, it was noted that he had bilateral club feet and contractures of the fingers.  After struggling to get Joshua to feed the first night, the doctors realized that he had a cleft palate and immediately placed him in the NICU. After two weeks, he was sent to Scottish Rite in Atlanta.

Brittany and Gordon welcomed their son, Camden into the world in February of this year.  Camden was born 10 1/2 weeks prematurely due to a placental abruption. After some testing, Camden was transferred from Athens Regional Medical Center to Scottish Rite in Atlanta.  He was having problems breathing. After many tests, the doctors felt like the best option was a tracheotomy procedure. This was a very hard decision for Brittany and Gordon, but they knew it had to be done. When Just Heart first heard from them, Camden had already been in the NICU for 73 days. 

Becky and Mike found out they were pregnant in January.  To their delight (and surprise), the doctor told them they were having twins! One week later, Mike, the breadwinner of the family, lost his job.  Becky is a metal smith and jewelry designer.  She recently started her own business, but it is still in the early stages of development and isn't profitable enough yet to provide for their needs.  Along with Mike's job loss, a glitch in their insurance coverage became a problem. They learned that the maternity coverage wouldn't go into effect until after the twins were to be born.