Becky and Mike found out they were pregnant in January.  To their delight (and surprise), the doctor told them they were having twins! One week later, Mike, the breadwinner of the family, lost his job.  Becky is a metal smith and jewelry designer.  She recently started her own business, but it is still in the early stages of development and isn't profitable enough yet to provide for their needs.  Along with Mike's job loss, a glitch in their insurance coverage became a problem. They learned that the maternity coverage wouldn't go into effect until after the twins were to be born. At nineteen and a half weeks, the couple went in for the anatomy scan, a day that they would never forget. They were told the twins were boys, but that one had a heart defect and a bilateral cleft lip, and most likely palate.  They were also told to financially prepare for selective reduction, in case it had to be done. After some more tests at Sibley Heart Center, they were told there was a good possibility of multiple surgeries. Depending on the severity, one of the boys was likely to need surgery well into his teens. Mike took a job offer in March. It was half of what he was making before, but it was a job.  Mike travelled 300+ miles a week and worked 60+ hours.  Becky said, "He has such a great attitude of wanting to work hard to take care of me and the babies." Fortunately, he has since found a job with less stress and driving. He still works 50 to 60 hours a week to provide for his family. Mike and Becky have always saved, but have gone through the savings quickly.  Their insurance costs are almost as much as their mortgage. After medical bills and other living costs, they are just barely scraping by.  Because of the Macy and Julian Allard Family Fund, Just Heart was able to pay Mike and Becky's mortgage for six months. They plan to save, pay bills, and focus on their beautiful family of four! 



AuthorFaith Winters