Keith and Lynn are married with several children living in the metro Atlanta area.  One of Keith and Lynn’s sons, Matthew, was born with a heart defect sixteen years ago.  Surgery was performed soon after birth and Matthew has had relatively few problems over his lifetime.  When Keith and Lynn took Matthew for his annual checkup this year, they learned that he would need one more surgery to prevent any future complications as an adult.  Normally, this would not have been a major financial issue for Keith and Lynn, but their current circumstances have temporarily created some hardships.  Keith lost his insurance when he was recently laid off from his job – a job that he had held for nearly fourteen years.  Lynn, a former stay-at-home mom, has taken two jobs while Keith continues to search for work.  As a family, they were keeping up with day-to-day expenses, but did not have the means to pay for Matthew’s expensive surgery.

In October, Just Heart was able to provide funds for Matthew’s surgery without putting any additional financial burden on Keith, Lynn or their family.  This is a great example of what donations can do for a hardworking, deserving family.  Keith and Lynn are so thankful for your help and are enthusiastic about raising money to help another family in a similar situation.

AuthorRobert Pancake