My husband Keith and I are proud parents to a beautiful six-year-old son named Jonathan.  He has autism, along with some other diagnoses.  We were so very fortunate to have been recently awarded a grant from Just Heart Foundation.  This was an amazing gift at a trying time in our lives.  Our son had been participating in the Language and Learning Clinic at the Marcus Autism Center (Atlanta) in the past few months.  Sadly, our insurance does NOT cover such services; therefore we were at first paying out-of-pocket.  We then had to pull Jonathan from the program because we simply could not afford to continue.  It was one of the most difficult decisions that my husband and I had to make, especially since we were beginning to see such amazing results.  I was then introduced to Just Heart Foundation and applied for a grant.  I had the honor of meeting with the staff.  They were so kind to take the time to meet me in person and allow me to discuss in more detail the LLC program and our desperate need for Jonathan to continue to receive services.  It was a crucial time and we didn't want Jonathan to lose anything that he had learned.  I literally received a call from Just Heart’s president later that afternoon after we had met and was advised of our award of the grant.  I was jumping for joy.  So, now we are approximately three weeks in of Jonathan receiving 12 hours weekly of private ABA therapy in the LLC Program.  He has a new case manager who is one of the most positive people I have ever met.  We are all pleasantly surprised that Jonathan has maintained many of his mastered skills during his time off from receiving services. This is fabulous news, and he continues to bloom.  This is his prime time and the "light bulb" is coming on!  I thank Just Heart Foundation for their generosity as well as for believing in Jonathan. – Beth (Atlanta, GA)


AuthorRobert Pancake