Just Heart is an Atlanta-based public charity that provides grants to families with hospitalized children.

Primarily focusing on children with neonatal and cardiac issues, our grants cover a wide variety of needs including medical costs, rent, mortgage payments and utilities.



Help Us Help Others

Have you ever watched a family member or close friend go through a medical crisis with their child? Have you ever seen a financially responsible family barely making it because of the medical needs of their child?  It is heartbreaking. Help hardworking, responsible families get back on their feet.   Open your heart and be the miracle in someone's life. It’s a beautiful thing!



What We Do

Just Heart Foundation is dedicated to helping families in crisis, particularly those with a hospitalized child.

While government programs exist designed to assist certain demographics, not every family qualifies.



Our Pledge

The pledge shares the beauty of giving with the families we assist. 

When they are able, recipient families are encouraged to make a pay-it-forward pledge to raise funds for Just Heart Foundation.



Welcome to Just Heart

Imagine you have just learned your child has a severe heart condition or other serious illness. Your priorities quickly shift from personal and family goals to worry. Career, ambitions, vacation plans or anything else you had prioritized are now on hold. Relationships can quickly become strained - and this is just the beginning.

Every year this scenario becomes a reality for thousands of families – from all backgrounds. A small percentage actually have the resources to handle the financial burdens that accompany such tragedies. Most do not.
Just Heart Foundation is dedicated to helping such families while offering them a unique opportunity, when the time is right, to help others in situations similar to their own. In times of crisis, a family's focus should be on what's important--the health of their child.

Explore what we do, how we do it, and how you can help. The illness of a child does not have to destabilize a family.


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