Just Heart is an Atlanta-based public charity that provides grants to families with hospitalized children.

We primarily focus on children with neonatal and cardiac issues.
Our grants cover a wide variety of needs including medical costs, rent,
mortgage payments and utilities.

Be the Miracle in Someone’s Life!

Just Heart Foundation is dedicated to helping families in crisis,
particularly those with a hospitalized child.

Total Grants Since 2009
All Donations Are Tax Deductible!
Bills Paid Since 2009

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Does your family need help?

Just Heart Foundation may be able to assist you & your family.

While government programs exist, not every family qualifies.  Our aim is to fill in the gaps when families who need assistance, aren’t able to get it. If you need help, please apply today to see how we can help.


“I just want to take this time and say thank you to Just Heart Foundation!”

Explore what we do through the voices of those we have helped. Our unique approach aims to give immediate help to families in need and to give an opportunity for those same families to pay it forward when the time is right for them.